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About Dublo


As high school students, we had never imagined ourselves starting a company. However, the continuing paper waste in landfills and our passion for sustainability have urged us to take action. Nowadays, paper usage skyrocketed with insufficient power to recycle those wastes - even at normal times, recycling systems struggle to salvage all the paper waste. We are hurt to see our home and communities pile up with paper trash, which furthers deforestation with more productions of disposable paper products, even when most paper could be recycled. Instead of struggling in this vicious cycle, we sought to create a circular economy in which products are produced from used materials. 


This is our solution...


By diverting paper waste from landfills, Dublo is an eco-friendly, youth company that manufactures Sprout: a biodegradable material with ingrained seeds that germinates into plants after use. Dublo is focused on changing the lifestyles of eco-conscious people in various communities. Based on our aspirations for success, Dublo yearns to become the epitome of high school entrepreneurs to show that we, too, can bring positive, sustainable influence to the world.

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Vancouver, Canada

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